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It is my belief that art soothes the soul and meditation teaches us focus and calm. Creative Meditations is all about teaching the creative process through art as meditation.  My approach is non-judgmental, encouraging and empowering.  I provide a holistic atmosphere in my private studio and in the classroom.  Together you and I can light your creative fire.  Relax your mind one line at a time.

Why Creative Meditations?

Your stress is too important to ignore.  Typically I work with trauma survivors who are challenged by the deep and disturbing stress that their situations cause them.  Traditional meditation, while beneficial, doesn't always work for them. I help them by guiding them through drawing meditation.  If you find that stress and anxiety consume your time and your mind, I can teach you a process that harnesses your ability to relax.

I also work with

  • Educators
  • Counselors
  • Health Professionals
  • Crisis Intervention Workers

Join Me In Class

There is an artistic self in each of us.  Typically, most of us never have an opportunity to discover this part of our being.  Drawing meditation  brings focus, relaxation,and promotes the ability to concentrate.  It brings an enhanced sense of well-being along with a feeling of creative accomplishment. 

Even If you've never meditated or believe you can't draw, you can do this! I guide my students through a creative meditation journey in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  I use various drawing meditation tools, one of which is known as Zentangle®. The Creative Meditations studio is located in Leeds, New York.

Creative Meditations is dedicated to creating and teaching mindfulness through art, and is based in the Catskill region of the beautiful and inspirational Hudson Valley.

Classes for Retreats, Corporate and Individual or Small In-Home Group classes are also available.  Please contact me for more information and pricing.