Welcome to Creative Meditations
Where art and meditation meet.

Get to know your potential.

Our Mission

​Creative Meditations is a small studio located in Leeds, New York. It is our belief that art soothes the soul and meditation teaches us focus and calm.  Creative Meditations is all about teaching the creative process through art as meditation. Our approach is non-judgmental, encouraging and empowering.  We provide a holistic atmosphere in the studio and in the classroom. Together we can explore your creative fire. Relax your mind one stroke at a time. 

Classes Offered

Our most popular is  a drawing meditation known as Zentangle. This process has eight steps and students are guided through the journey in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  You not only go home with an original work of art, but also an art kit to continue your practice.  Once you start at the beginners level, you will be ready for more advanced work. We also offer mindful meditation, quilting, art quilting 101, and surface design.  

Join Me

There is an artistic self in each of us.  Most of us however, never have an opportunity to discover this part of our being.  The benefits of creating are many.  With regular practice you may find the ability to focus, become calm and become more aware, all while creating beautiful art.  Do not doubt that there is an artist lurking inside you that is waiting to be discovered.  I welcome you and look forward to showing you how. 

Creative Meditations is dedicated to creating and teaching mindfulness through art, and is based in the Catskill region of the beautiful and inspirational Hudson Valley.

Zentangle classes for Retreats, Corporate and Individual or Small In-Home Group classes are also available.  Please contact me for more information and pricing.